How to Travel During the Holidays, Without Breaking the Bank

For many of us, pricey gifts aren’t the only expenditure we have to worry about during the holidays. Traveling to see our friends and family can put just as big of a dent in our pocketbooks. Traveling during Christmas can be costly, but with Money Ladder’s help you can cut down on wintry expenses and bulk up on holiday cheer.

Stay with Kin

This is the season for spending time with the people you love, so ditch hotels and AirBnBs and make your lodgings with your friends and family if it’s at all possible. You’ll save on nightly payments, and your kin will be glad to have you around.

Take the Ground Route

Likewise, if your close ones aren’t an international flight away, you can save a bushel by either taking a cross-country bus or making a road trip out of your holiday adventure. The act of traveling during Christmas can be a part of your Christmas memories in and of itself!

Keep it in the Home

Hitting bars and restaurants will probably be an inescapable part of your itinerary, but make sure you help out with family meals and enjoy a few drinks by the fireside as well. This doesn’t just bring you closer together, it saves big bucks on nightlife and dining expenditures as well.

Keep Your Gift Affordable

Most people will understand that traveling during Christmas can be incredibly costly, and spending time with the ones you love is a big gift in and of itself. It’s ok to not spend tons of money on lavish gifts if your expenses are going to the trip itself instead; just make sure your gift is thoughtful and comes from the heart no matter how much you spend on it.

Lend a Helping Hand

Family meal prep, trip planning and other things are a big part of holiday gatherings, so don’t be afraid to volunteer your services whenever you can. Traveling during Christmas is easier when people see you as helpful, and will be more likely to pick up expenses for you if you should find yourself needing them to do so.

Go in a Group

If you’re making the sojourn with other adults, see if you can get everyone to pool their resources when it comes to things like gas, meals and other necessities. Splitting the cost of travel in as many directions as possible is of benefit to everyone.

Plan for Emergencies

Nothing puts financial pressure on your time spent traveling during Christmas like having to scramble to make up for a cancelled flight, or having to find a new route to your destination thanks to the interference of wintry roadblocks. The more possibilities you can account for over the course of your trip, the less likely it will be that you’ll have to shell out any cash when an obstacle presents itself.

Get in Early

Whether you’re driving or getting a flight, hitting the road before the holiday rush or buying your ticket as far in advance as possible is going to save you tons on gas and air fare, respectively. Traveling during Christmas is always harder than traveling a little before Christmas, after all!

Get the Gift of Money Ladder

No matter where, when or with whom you’re celebrating the holidays, Money Ladder can help you to do so easily and efficiently. Our qualified Client Success Specialists are determined to give you all the resources and knowledge you need to cut down on costs and bulk up on yuletide cheer. There’s always another tip to learn and another dollar to save when you know how to look.

To give your own advice about traveling during Christmas, leave a comment, and call us at 1-888-585-8492 if you’re ready to start making use of our services. You can make the holiday a happy one every time when you spend and save with Money Ladder by your side.

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